Cake Pops

Cake pops are fabulous to have during kids’ parties because of the delightful appearance and sweet taste of this food item.

You can also serve these pops for baby showers or any gatherings where you need a different kind of finger food to serve your guests. Instead of the usual canapés, you can try serving these delightful ball-shaped cakes on a stick. You can even decorate the cakes any way you want; just have a blast designing and garnishing the pops.
Here are some of the best recipes for cake pops that you should try making. Enjoy the taste and the ease in preparing these cake pops.

Classic Cake Pops Recipe

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Prepare Time: 20 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Enjoy the superb taste of these cake pops that you can have for dessert or teatime. These adorable pops are simple to prepare and to cook.

• Candy-coating melts (colored), 12 oz.
• Doughnut holes, 24 pieces
• Lollipop sticks, 24 sticks
• Candy sprinkles, 1 tablespoon

1. Put the candy melts in a microwaveable bowl. Set the timer for 30 seconds to melt the contents.
2. Next, stir in the candy coating and pop in the microwave to melt completely.
3. Pierce the doughnut hole, using the lollipop stick. Dip it into the melted candy coating until fully covered.
4. Refrigerate the pops for an hour to make them firm.
5. Melt another batch of candy coating inside the microwave.
6. Then, dip the doughnut into the melted candy coating. Afterward, put candy sprinkles on the pops.
7. Refrigerate the cake pops again before serving.

Cake pops Recipe

Brownie Cake Pops Recipe

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Prepare Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes

You will have a fabulous time tasting these excellent cake pops mixed with brownie. Here are the easy steps on how to prepare this fancy treat.

• Baked brownies, 1 pan
• Chocolate frosting, 1/2 cup
• Candy coating with chocolate flavor, 1 lb.
• Lollipop sticks, 40-50 pieces
• Candy sprinkles

1. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper or aluminum foil.
2. In a bowl, crumble the brownies using your hands.
3. Add in the chocolate frosting and mix it with the brownies, using your hands.
4. The chocolate will allow the mixture to be a bit moist, thus making it easy to form it into a ball.
5. Use a teaspoon to form the brownie into the shape of a ball.
6. Place the pops into the baking sheet and freeze for a couple of hours.
7. Then, melt the candy coating inside the microwave. Stir well until smooth in texture.
8. Insert the lollipop stick into brownie ball, and dip it into the melted candy coating.
9. Next, sprinkle some candies, coconut flakes or chopped nuts all over the cake pops.
10. Serve the brownie pops while cold. You can also keep them inside the refrigerator up to a week, if you do not wish to consume them right away.

Brownie cake pops recipe

Cheese Cake Pops Recipe

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Prepare Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes

These cheese cake pops are definitely a treat because of the fabulous taste they come with. You will also love the adorable looks of these pops.

• Cheesecake (chilled), 8-inch
• Candy coating with chocolate flavor, 1 lb.
• Chopped nuts, candy sprinkles
• Lollipop sticks, about 20 pieces

1. Line the baking sheets with aluminum foil or waxed paper.
2. Then, scoop about a spoonful of cheesecake, and put these into the baking sheet. You may use your hands to shape the cheesecake balls into something round-shaped.
3. Pierce the balls with lollipop sticks. You can freeze the cheesecake balls first so they are not too soft.
4. Next, melt the candy coating inside the microwave. You may also put some shortening to produce a fluid coating in the candy.
5. Add some sprinkles or any of the toppings you like for the cake pops
6. Remove the pops from the freezer and dip them into the coating.
7. Freeze the pops again to set them. Serve while still cold.

Cream cheese cake pops Recipe

Cake pops are quite interesting because of the attractive appearance that makes them resemble a lollipop – except for the cake filing. You will particularly love the delightful taste of the pops that simply lingers in your mouth. You can also decorate the cake pops in a variety of ways; sprinkle the top with tiny candies, chopped nuts or coconut flakes. You can have fun decorating these sweet treats and even vary the overall color of the pops. If you wish, you can even put rice crispies or cereals in the mixture to make it a bit crunchy.

Cake pops are great as sweet treat for parties or giveaways for baby showers. You can make the packaging appealing to the eyes, and it already makes a perfect personalized gift. Try the recipes for cake pops presented here and have a great time preparing each of these.

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