Ground Beef Recipes

Ground Beef Recipes are faster to make than whole beef recipes, although it renders the same flavor. Ground beef should be throughly cooked to avoid getting salmonella and other food borne bacteria. Choose lean ground beef than the regular ground beef. This is because the regular ground beef has more fats than the lean ground […]

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is one of the well-loved recipes at home. It is a normally a fillet steak or tenderloin which is coated with pâté which is a mixture of ground meat and fat in a spreadable paste mixed with other herbs and spices. Then it is wrapped in duxelles. Duxelles is a paste made of […]

Beef Stew

A beef stew is warm and hearty meal that is best during the cold nights and chilly days. What could be more appetizing than a good serving of beef, potatoes and other veggies simmered slowly for hour and hours capturing all of its good flavors? Similar to a soup, a stew is a thicker version […]

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Beef Stroganoff is a luscious and scrumptious recipe that explodes with beefy deliciousness. The Beef Stroganoff recipe originally came from Russia during the 19th century. It is made with sautéed beef strips in a creamy sauce and dollop of sour cream. The name Beef Stroganoff may come from the Stroganov family in Russia, from Alexander […]

Beef Ribs

Beef Ribs or Beef Short Ribs are normally larger, meatier and more tender than pork ribs. They range from 10 inches square which are about 3-5 inches thick and have 3-4 individual ribs. The meat in the ribs is very tender and tasty. It is also very easy and fast to cook. Beef Short ribs […]