Chicken Salad Recipe

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Try something new! From Easy Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad with mustard vinaigrette, Chicken Salad with Olives and Plum Dressing, Chicken and Blackberries Salad to Thai chicken and Noodle Salad, this article contains all.

Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

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Prepare Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 15 Minutes

This chicken salad recipe is great for serving with BBQ meat. The creamy salad can also be used as a filling for cold sandwiches.

• Chicken 3 cups
• Celery, chopped 1/2 cup
• Red onions 1 medium, finely chopped
• Mayonnaise 5 to 6 tablespoon
• Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
• Black Pepper to taste
• Salt to taste

1. Boil the chicken and dice it in bite size pieces.
2. Add celery and onion to it.
3. Make a dressing with mayonnaise, lemon juice, black pepper and salt.
4. Mix this dressing into the salad.
5. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve cold.

easy chicken salad recipe

Grilled Chicken Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

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Prepare Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes

Combine potatoes, grilled chicken, tomatoes and onions for a light salad. The Creole mustard for the vinaigrette can be replaced with your favorite variety of mustard. This is a salad version of simple chicken breast recipe.

• Chicken breast 2
• Lettuce, chopped 1/2 cup
• Eggs 4
• Tomato 1 medium
• Olives 14 to 16
Red onion 1 medium
• New potatoes 5 small

For vinaigrette:
• Creole mustard 1 tablespoon
• White wine 3 tablespoon
• Salt to taste
• Black pepper to taste
• Tabasco sauce few drops
• Extra virgin olive oil 2/3 cup

1. Grill the chicken and slice it into narrow strips.
2. Cut the romaine lettuce, boil the eggs hard and slice them.
3. Cut the tomatoes into 8 wedges.
4. Slice the onion and olives.
5. Boil the potatoes and dice them.
6. To make mustard vinaigrette: combine Creole mustard, white wine, salt, black pepper, Tabasco sauce and olive oil in a blender. Blend until smooth.
7. Pour the dressing over the salad just before serving. Your grilled chicken salad recipe is ready.

grilled chicken salad with mustard vingiarette recipes

Chicken Salad with Olives and Plum Dressing

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Prepare Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 10 Minutes

This interesting salad recipe is definitely worth trying. You can make these chicken salad recipes using any preserved berry or honey in place of plums.

• Boiled chicken 250g
• Celery sticks 3
• Green bell pepper 1/2
• Mayonnaise 3 tablespoon
• Red bell pepper 1/2
• Black olives 8
• Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
• Red onion 1/2
• Green apples 1/2
• Iceberg lettuce, finely cut 1/2 cup
• Plum preserve/honey 2 teaspoon
• Salt
• Fresh black pepper

1. Boil chicken and cut into small pieces.
2. Cut bell pepper, apples, lettuce and olives.
3. Use mayonnaise, lemon juice, plum preserve, salt and pepper to make a dressing in a separate bowl. Add more lemon juice or plum preserve to create a balance between sweet and sour.
4. Put the cut ingredients a large bowl and add the dressing. Mix well.
5. Put in the refrigerator for an hour and then serve.

This chicken salad recipe with olives and plum preserve sauce makes 3 servings.
chicken salad with olives and plum sauce recipes

Chicken and Blackberries Salad Recipe

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Prepare Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 15 Minutes

This easy salad is great for lunch. This refreshing salad consists of fresh blackberries, green apples and grilled chicken in a yogurt and mustard dressing. Add nuts if you like crunchy salads.

• Roasted chicken 250g
• Blackberries 1/3 cup
• Green apples 1/2
• Spring onions, chopped 1/4 cup
• Celery, chopped 1/4 cup
• Lemon juice 1 tablesppon
• Yogurt/mayonnaise 3 tablespoon
• Mustard 1 tablespoon
• Black pepper
• Salt

1. Shred the roasted chicken into bite sized pieces.
2. Cut apples into small pieces. Pour lemon juice over the apples to keep them from turning rusting.
3. Halve the blackberries.
4. Put chicken, blackberries, apples, spring onions and celery into a bowl.
5. To make dressing mix mayonnaise with mustard, salt and pepper. Make a low fat dressing replace by mayonnaise with yogurt.
6. Mix the dressing with other ingredients.
7. Top with roasted nuts and serve.

chicken and blackberry salad recipe

Thai Chicken and Noodle Salad Recipe

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Prepare Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes

Chicken and noodles are fried in peanut oil for an authentic Thai flavor. Prepare the salad just before serving as the noodles may stick together in getting cold. Other than salade, you may also make it into a Chicken noodle soup recipe

• Boneless chicken 400g
• Unsalted, roasted peanuts 100g
• Peanut oil 2 tablespoon
• Sesame oil 1 tablespoon
• Crystal noodles 300g
• Carrots 2, small
• Red bell pepper 1, small
• Snow peas 1/2 cup
• mint leaves
• Coriander leaves

To make Thai Lime dressing:
• Freshly squeezed lime juice 4 tablespoon
• Honey 2 tablespoon
• finely chopped garlic 1 teaspoon
• Fresh red chili, chopped finely 1

1. Thinly slice the chicken.
2. Heat peanut oil in a frying pan and then add chicken. Stir until chicken is half cooked.
3. Add peanuts and keep cooking until nuts take a brownish hue and chicken is fully cooked.
4. Add 2 tablespoon salt in a pan full of water and boil noodles in it.
5. Drain the noodles when cooked and put aside.
6. Cut bell pepper, carrots, mint leaves and coriander leaves.
7. To make Thai lime dressing: mix lime juice, sesame oil, honey, herbs and black pepper in a blender. Blend until homogenous
8. Put crystal noodles and cut vegetables in a bowl.
9. Pour this dressing over the salad and toss gently.
10. To serve, arrange this noodle and vegetable mixture in a plate. Top with cooked chicken and peanuts, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs and roasted peanuts and serve.

thai chicken and noodle salad recipe

Prepare this Thai noodle chicken salad recipe just before serving as it is not suitable to be reheated in a microwave oven.

Chicken salad recipes are a great and quick way to brighten up any meal. For a great salad, always use fresh vegetables and add the vinaigrette/dressing just before serving.

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