Sprouted Grain Bread

Sprouted grain bread is flourless, as the bread does not use ground kernels. This bread mainly contains legumes, grains, soy, lentils, barley, oat and millet.

Because of its components, it is definitely high in protein and amino acids. Hence, this type of bread is perfect for vegetarians who may be lacking from some essential nutrients such as protein. The sprouting process results to a reduction in the carbohydrates content and an increase in the percentage of protein. Moreover, sprouting releases trace minerals such as zinc, found in the bran of the wheat kernels. You can surely receive more nutrients from the bread; sprouted grain is rich in iron, calcium, niacin and fiber content.

Enjoy the great taste and health benefits that sprouted grain bread offers. Here is a simple recipe that uses crock pot in making the delightful bread. The slow cooking process retains all the nutrients and the rich taste of sprouted grain bread.

Crock Pot Sprouted Grain Bread Recipe

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Prepare Time: 32 Hours
Cook Time: 8 Hours

This sprouted grain bread recipe may take several hours to make; however, you can refrigerate the bread to make it stay fresh and delicious even after a week.

• A cup of wheat berries
• Sprouting tool
• Food processor with an S-blade
• Heat resistant bowl (e.g. Pyrex or glass bowl with lid)
• Crock pot

1. Place the wheat berries in a bowl with water. Allow the berries to soak for about 8 to 12 hours.
2. Rinse and drain the wheat berries thrice a day. This should go on for the next 32 hours, or until you have observed the berries sprouted with 1 /4 inch tails.
3. Drain the berries well before placing them in the food processor. There is no need to rinse the berries once they have already sprouted.
4. Process the berries until they take in the form of bread dough. Once the dough forms into a ball at the bottom of the processor, you can already switch the equipment off.
5. Remove the dough from the food processor, and shape it into a small ball.
6. Sprinkle ground corn meal into the dough, if you want.
7. Transfer the ball of dough into a heat resistant bowl that can fit perfectly inside the crock pot.
8. Cover the crock pot and put it on the lowest setting. Cook for 8 hours, or until you have noticed that the bread turned rich brown in color.
9. Once the bread has a thick crust on the outside and moist in the inside, you can already take it out from the pot.
10. This recipe is perfect to accompany any salad or soup dish.

sprouted grain bread recipe

Sprouted grain bread is certainly a treat for anyone looking for something nutritious and tasty for breakfast or teatime. Although this bread recipe takes several hours to prepare and to cook, you will find the effort is worth it. The rich taste and nutritive value of sprouted grain bread make it ideal for you and the whole family.

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